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The Church is really people called to faith in Jesus Christ and sent on a mission to the world.

The church leadership is made up by a congregation of voters (you can become a voter when you go through Pastor's class and learn church teachings and prepare for membership in the church).

The congregation is represented by the voters. The voters elect the five elected officials of the executive board.

The congregation relies on the Parish Council that is fulfilled through six different boards that help oversee the daily functions of the church

The Parish Council consists of:

The Board of Elders: The men on this board pray for and counsel members of the congregation.

The Board of Evangelism: Outreach and witnessing are critical tools for growth. This board seeks to spread the Word and make disciples of all nations.

The Board of Hospitality, Fellowship and Relationships: Committed to fostering friendships and relationships, this board promotes fun events and outings to help members of the congregation get to know one another.

The Board of Property and Maintenance: Fixing leaks, heating the church, calling the plumber and more are all things that this board does to keep the structure of the church a functional building place for us to meet.

The Board of Stewardship and Finance: This board takes care of counting the offering, taking funds to the bank and managing other expense accounts.
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