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What is tithing?

The money that we have and all the things that we ownóall of them are Godís possessions. Everything in this life that we have is a sacred trust from our heavenly Father (Hag. 2:8; Lev.25:23; Ps.50:10ff). Everything belongs to God. He allows us to use His creation and intends it for our good. The Apostle Paul puts matters quite clearly when he writes, ìWe brought nothing into this world, and it is certain that we can carry nothing outî (1 Tim. 6:7). Because this is true, we need to realize that those things we have are not ours to use in any way we choose. When we talk about Christian stewardship then, we are talking about a ìbig pictureî view of how we manage and use all that our good and gracious God has given to us, and that certainly includes money. Some have more, some have less, but all have the privilege, duty and responsibility to give sacrificially for the work of the Kingdom. Clearly then, it is our joyful privilege and sacred duty to support the work of the church through our financial offerings. We give too of our time and our talents in the work of the church, giving as we have received and sharing as we have been blessed. . .

How much can we give? How much are we to give? We do not live under law, but under grace. Each of us needs prayerfully to determine what is most appropriate for their own situation. Many Christians have found giving a fixed percent of their income to be the best way to be regular in their giving. Because of what Christ has done, we are called to lives of Christian stewardshipólives that reflect the glory of God. Christian stewards are privileged by God to live their lives in grateful praise and thanksgiving to God, reflecting this marvelous truth from Godís almighty Spirit-filled Word:

ìFor you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, that you through His poverty might become richî(2 Cor.8:9).

ó Dr.A.L.Barry
The Lutheran ChurchóMissouri Synod

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