Bethany Lutheran Church - Ocean Beach, San Diego CA
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Ministry - Service To One Another

Opportunities to serve one another
Worship team - Musical talents can be put to use, vocals and instrumentals

Usher and Greeter - Help make the Sunday morning worship go smoothly by making guests and members feel welcome and comfortable.

Lector - Reading the Old Testament and Epistle during the worship service.

Altar Guild - Help to enhance the worship environment and assure appropriate paraments are displayed and communion service is set up.

Visiting and Calling - especially the grieving, ill and seniors.

Ministry - Service To The Community At Large

Opportunities to reach out beyond ourselves

Evangelism Efforts      
Street Fair - Parking Lot Event
Christmas Parade - Hot Coco give away
(Showing God's Love In A Practical way)

Other routine Evangelism contacts.

Community Meal - Second Wednesday of the month, 6:00 PM. Members and Friends of Bethany offer a meal to anyone who will partake. Many guests are people in need and many come for the fellowship.
Bethany Lutheran Church 2051 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92107
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Join Us for Worship at 10:30am
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